Act like an 8 year old!

Because 8 year olds act like lunatics when they play and no doubt burn up some serious calories too.  Yesterday, in pursuit of my creative exercise endeavor, I challenged myself to participate equally in all games my children played. My youngest, H., is 6, E. is 8, and the oldest, R., just turned 9. These kids really know how to play too and they kicked my ass in shape! First, we relay raced. The first race, we had to bear walk, the second race, we crab crawled (E. is incredibly fast at this one, its very strange and somewhat awkward to watch, but incredibly entertaining), the third race we kangaroo hopped! And I didnt win, not once. Apparently cheating is among my childrens’ set of skills! R. then taught us how to play “Toilet Tag” which is an amazing game she and her friend invented during recess one day. Toilet Tag is similar to regular tag in that one player chases all the others in an attempt to tag them, what sets toilet tag apart is that when a player is tagged, they must kneel on one knee and stick one arm straight out to the side, and then the tagger, sits on the tagee’s knee and push their arm down whilst making a loud FLUSH sound……..did I mention R. is a very odd child?! But she’s cute so we keep her. Anywho, so I played toilet tag and somehow, no matter who I tagged, I continued to be the tagger. Soooo, I ran, A LOT! We then played red rover, had a dance-off, and pretended to be ducks. Today, I am sore in places I didnt know I could be sore. I also realized how long its been since I got such quality interaction with my kids, and thats shameful. My future is gauranteed to have many more play dates to come!

On another note, my appetite is diminishing! Yesterday morning I had two eggs, three pieces of bacon, and some purple cabbage sauteed in coconut oil. I was not even remotely hungry until around 8pm last night! Pretty cool huh?

One week progress ..

Ok, so one week ago I weighed:
260 pounds
Today (cue drum roll please),i weigh:
252.2 pounds!!!

And, I FEEL GOOD! No gas, no bloating, no tummy pain, and best all, no 2/3pm energy drops! So I’m feeling motivated and ready for the week ahead!

Wait….what was that Jessica Alba? Am I making you nervous? Damn straight I am!



Ok, you cannot judge a …soup?…by its photo, but let me tell you this, this is DELICIOUS! And, its my own invention! I call it Creamy Chicken and Garlic…Stew! Stew sounds so much better than soup doesnt it? And I suppose now is a good time to mention that I am gradually eliminating (mostly) gluten and dairy from my diet. One thing trying SOOO MANY diets has done for me, is that I have learned over the years that certain foods really make me feel icky; dairy and gluten, are part of that category. Also, I have read time and time again, that simple carbs and PCOS are enemies. Now, back to my delectable, although visually unappealing, stew. The recipe is as follows, and seriously, dont be a baby, eat this, its delicious.

2 small red onions sliced
20 cloves of garlic, chopped (yes, really 20, stop being so “judgy”, garlic is good for you)
5-6 free range, hormone/antibiotic free, skinless/boneless chicken thighs
1 can organic diced, italian style tomatoes
1 large bag organic frozen broccoli
1 can coconut milk

Toss all ingredients in a crock pot, in the order they are listed, put a lid on it, and cook on high for 5-6 hours. Then, get a bowl, salt and pepper to taste, and stuff your face, mmmmmmmm. Even my children love it 😉

So all in all, i’d say today was successful! I base that on the fact that its 7:20pm and I dont feel like death AND I missed my usual 3pm ass-draggin time, so obviously im doing something right!

Stay tuned, and thank you for reading!

OH and thanks everyone for the super-duper supportive comments on my previous post!

Ready, set,……wait a minute…

Im writing my first post via cell phone, so please bare with me and be kind enough to overlook any errors in spelling!
For months now, ive been feeling the sorrowful, sneaky, pull of weight creeping back over my bones….and have truly done nothing about it other then to complain, a lot, and make half-assed efforts at random fad diets. In 2009, I graduated from nursing school. My picture, much to my dismay, was published in a local newspaper. There I was, in cap and gown, with my loving children in tow, smiling, proud of my accomplishment….and carrying enough extra weight that I was damn near unrecognizable to myself. I weighed 287 pounds. Yep, the heaviest I have ever been. I knew something had to give, so I followed the advice of a co-worker and got on Adipex. Long story short, by the summer of 2010 I had lost almost 100 pounds. Thats great right?! Well, no…my hair was also falling out by the handfuls and I was an emotional train wreck. I stopped the Adipex. By November 2010, I was back up to 235 pounds. Got back on Adipex, became an emotional wreck again, got off Adipex. My weight held steady for a while, but by July 2011, it was creeping up…again. I decided to throw caution in the wind (because im just that bright) & dont ya know started taking Adipex AGAIN, but this time I cut carbs and put in 7+ hours a week at the gym, doing cardio and tons of weights. The pounds melted off and by October 2011, I was down to 205 pounds, but had developed quite a bit of new muscle. HOWEVER, emotionally, I was still all over the place and felt exhausted most of the time, thanks to the stimulant effects of Adipex. Feeling as though I had learned,my lesson, I stepped away from the meds again. My energy levels plummeted, my appetite soared, and I found myself going to the gym less, and less and eating more and more. You should also know I have PCOS, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is a hormone imbalance that increases insulin resistance, causes hair loss as well as facial hair growth…yay, me! Nothing quite like being hungry all the time, growung chin hair and going bald all at once. PCOS also causes irregular periods and infertility….and ironically, having PCOS makes it incredibly easy to gain weight and its the weight gain itself that worsens the symptons of PCOS. So mix that with the fact that I am a self-proclaimed emotional eater, who is always hormonally imbalanced and VOILA, here I am just over a year later and just 20 some odd pounds under my heaviest weight. And im angry, and im heartbroken. Im disappointed in myself and my lack of self-discipline and self-control. I weigh 260 pounds right now. Im fighting my second cold in 2 weeks. Im ALWAYS tired and my feet and ankles hurt more than they feel good. Ive also began missing periods again and my hair loss has started back full swing. So ive decided, thanks to inspiration from my younger sister, Jenny, to make my journey to a healthier, happier, me a public journey. I cant do this all alone and I refuse to look to pharmecuticals for assistance again. I cannot continue “fad dieting” or taking supplements with empty promises. I know a few things are true: 1) my everyday choices must change permanently 2) if they dont, I will die a premature death fat, sad, and loaded up on prescription drugs 3) I have children who I need to be a better example for so that hopefully they never find themselves in this position, and finally, 4) there IS A SLENDER, FIT, ACTIVE, SEXY BEAST dying to come out of me! So please, follow me, if you know me personally, im asking for your support and encouragment. And if u need to shapeshift too, call me, lets walk and swap recipes 😉 So here I come world…ready, set….GO!

So here are my current stats:

Height: 5’11
Weight: 260 pounds
Pants: 20