Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

Things have been trucking right along. Everyday Paleo has become my lifestyle bible! I made her Perfect Pot Roast last night, let it cook while I slept, and woke up to lunch AND dinner for today, and it was quite tasty! I’ve been keeping breakfasts simple and satisfying. Yesterday breakfast consisted of 3 pieces of bacon and half an avacado, and would you believe that kept me full for 5 hours! True story.  I’ve learned some tricks to curve carb cravings too: 1) WATER with fresh lemon, maybe its just me but it seems to work 2) apples, they’re sweet, crunchy, perfect! and 3) Sarah Fragoso’s Nutty Cookies, are sooooo what the doctor ordered. The nice thing about the cookies, is I also dont feel like “crappy mom of the year” when the,kids eat them. Speaking of which, the family is doing great going paleo, in fact I don’t think they’ve noticed!

Oh, and on a different note, a fellow blogger nominated me for the “Liebster Award” for changing my life….im still not crystal clear on what that means but an award is an award folks, and i’m damn proud if I say so myself!


I’ve been doing great with my water intake…still working on the exercise portion. My life runs 90 to nothing and im having difficulty with time managment. So, I either need to wake up earlier….or….i may need to wake up earlier. Yikes, I’ve NEVER been a morning person! But I suppose now is as good a time as any to become a morning person. Maybe i’ll try this magical “butter coffee” these super-fit paleo folks are talking about onlibe, it at least soynds awesome. If you’re unfamiliar with such a concoction, google it! Pretty neat/weird/amazing!

Night all!