Week 3 Day 3

Its been a rough week, im not going to lie! My energy level has been low, ive been cranky, and craving carbs BAD! However, I want you all to know that this week i’ve dug my heels in, and have resisted every urge. From the christmas cookies in the office, to the tasty looking treats at the hospital christmas party. And I can honestly say this is the FIRST TIME that I have not rationalized why it’s ok for me to “cheat” or “treat myself”. I think im finally understanding that treats,and cheats actually just screw me up and generally lead to a unhealthy eating STORM!

I’ve been consistently exercising, which is good and i’ve been drinking my water!

So, technically, im actually doing really well this week….and im hoping if I can keep on pushing on, my new eating habits will be as easy as breathing!

Did I mention im down a total of 13 pounds now?! WHAT SAY WHAT!!!!

Working through it…

Today is Day 1 of week three. My scales are broken so im taking that as a sign to leave them alone. I can get a little focused on scale numbers and ….its just no good for me. Today was kind of tough; I was having carb cravings like whoa and why? Because today was an emotional day and I wanted to self-medicate with carby goodness. Which is totally irrational but totally true. Plus I failed to pre-plan for lunch so I had to think on my toes, but I chose wisely despite my inner voice screaming, “Just get some chicken tenders and french fries!!” I told that hateful beast to shut up and I got some damn salad and grilled chicken!

The toughest part is remembering that results are slow and require effort! Lots of effort…Rome wasn’t built in a day and what not. AND I am trying to reverse a LIFETIME of unhealthy eating. But still, it would be nice to look like my hero Sarah Fragoso overnight! Just saying.

Speaking of whom….i made yet another Sarah F. dish tonight and it was….delicious of course! I took a pic but it turned out less than visually appealing. Anyway it’s called Meaty Pumpkin Souffle. This was my first souffle attempt and, well, it was a FAIL! It didn’t rise like it should have but it was still really tasty!

I slacked on my water intake today, but I walked for an hour and a half yesterday, and that felt really good. Tomorrow is a new day! My goals: more water, more movement!

Sweet Dreams all!

“This is how we do it..”

This morning, I exercised. Being a child of the mid-late 80’s and early 90’s, I decided to mix up my morning walk to make it more exciting. I drew inspiration from Baby, in Dirty Dancing, and started out with a little walk-dancing:


Then inspired by Kevin Bacon, starring as Ren, in Footloose, I punched it out!


Nothing like a good punch-dance to let it all out! I didn’t have a beer or a cigarette though, but that’s probably for the best.

I further mixed up my routine by spontaneous outburts of doing the “roger rabbit” to Montell Jordans hit, “This is how we do it” & thought to myself, “self, he’s right, THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!” I also incorporated 6, short but fiesty, uphill sprints, and 2 sets each of 10 incline push-ups and squats. In the end, I was breathless, sweaty, had listened to everything fron TLC, to Dave Matthews and Alanis Morrisette, and my legs were shakey. Must’ve done something right……?

I then proceeded to get cleaned up for work and made the most delicious smoothie known to man! I shall give you the recipe!!

Most Amazing Smoothie Known to Man, Smoothie (MASKTMS)

Serves, 1

1/2c frozen berries (i used straw and blue)
1/4 can of coconut milk
1/4c water…roughly
1 scoop strawberry whey isolate
Some ice

Blend well in a bullet or blender, drink, enjoy, wipe smoothie mustache off face prior to entering in to the public eye….or don’t.

This smoothie kept me going for a solid 6 hours! Not bad. Next time, I may even add spinach!

Lunch was leftover Butter Chicken and steamed kale, and supper will be wild rabbit that the hubby killed yesterday! How’s that for Paleo?! Im kinda hardcore like that….and I live in the woods….

Happy Trails!!