My name is Sarah. I’m 31 years old, a hospice nurse, a mother of three, and I’m an all-star yo-yo dieter! I’m a L.A. Weight Loss and Weight Watchers graduate, I’ve Atkinsed, I’ve Eaten to Live, I’ve juiced, been vegan (three times), i’ve cabbage souped, I’ve prayed like a monk, AND I’ve been on Adipex, not,once, not twice, but THRICE! Phew, all in all….I’m still overweight 😦 But, I am also a fighter and this sista ain’t given up yet! So, here I am blogging my life to the worldwide web. I’m hoping for some accountability and some self-reflection via daily blogging. If I’m to really get my ass in shape, my everyday life and choices has got to change, and I KNOW that now. So, wish me luck!

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