Week 3 Day 3

Its been a rough week, im not going to lie! My energy level has been low, ive been cranky, and craving carbs BAD! However, I want you all to know that this week i’ve dug my heels in, and have resisted every urge. From the christmas cookies in the office, to the tasty looking treats at the hospital christmas party. And I can honestly say this is the FIRST TIME that I have not rationalized why it’s ok for me to “cheat” or “treat myself”. I think im finally understanding that treats,and cheats actually just screw me up and generally lead to a unhealthy eating STORM!

I’ve been consistently exercising, which is good and i’ve been drinking my water!

So, technically, im actually doing really well this week….and im hoping if I can keep on pushing on, my new eating habits will be as easy as breathing!

Did I mention im down a total of 13 pounds now?! WHAT SAY WHAT!!!!

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